From the The Desert Shamrock - Phoenix, Arizona
Written by George O'Brien


New CD by Tony Cummins

Not every Irish musician enjoys playing pubs. Some refuse to. Others do it only because there are not many alternatives that pay anything. Only a few performers seem to be comfortable playing pubs.

Then there is Tony Cummins. He seems born to play pubs. A Tony Cummins performance is a high energy, rollicking, explosion of outrageous silliness. Tony does more drinking songs than any performer around and is always insisting someone “drink it down”. Hecklers? Not in the audience! Tony heckles the audience. He not only gets members of the audience to sing along, but get into crazy contests and everyone standing on chairs.

No CD could possibly capture the insanity of a Tony Cummins performance, but Cummins and Goins is a good attempt. Several of the cuts were performed at the Dubliner and for the song, Drunken Sailor he credits “Phoenix Arizona—Background Vocals”. All of his live tracks were recorded at the Dubliner. The energy is just as infectious for songs like The D.T.s, The Irish Rover, Lannigans Ball, Patricia the Stripper, Drunken Sailor and his own composition Eucalyptus Tree. (It's about getting drunk and running into one.) Along with fine renditions of old favorites Dirty Old Town and The Old Triangle, this is what you expect from a Tony Cummins performance and he does not disappoint.

It is doubtful that Tony will become famous for doing slow ballads, but he does them with feeling. Thousands Are Sailing, The Green Fields of France and Isle of Hope are not simply a change of pace. The Green Fields of France is a very powerful song and he does it credit.

Cummins and Goins will definitely please Tony's fans.